Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Headache

Today is the first day since my brain surgery, even since last March, that I haven't had a headache and haven't had to use any pain medicine. I'm not sure what I did right, if anything, but I do wish I could duplicate it for tomorrow and every day hereafter.

I had my hair cut short last weekend in an attempt to let my natural curl play a bit of camouflage. If I place my hair just right, it can cover up most of the short strip that runs across my head like a head band. It's nice to go out in public without a scarf or a hat.

I had been suffering from tension headaches that started in my shoulders and ran up the left side of my neck and scalp. There was a particular scalp muscle that would spasm like a charlie horse, causing the muscles behind, in and around my left eye to hurt. I had a chair massage at a local day spa four days ago. The scalp massage felt wonderful. I highly recommend getting one after a craniotomy, once you've been cleared. All those scalp muscles are in an angry disarray and need some TLC.

I've also begun to practice yoga again, slowly and gently. It surprises me how weak I am now. I can't hold a lunge without taking a knee. And although down dog feels great, my arms begin to shake after two breaths. But I know my strength will return. It feels so good to move again.

So maybe it's a combination of all these things that have contributed to my headache free day. Maybe tomorrow I'll revert back to the "norm". But today was pretty awesome.