Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eight Months/Final Post (probably)

In May, I had my six month post-op MRI and check up with my neurosurgeon. Everything looks good and I'm all clear for yearly brain MRIs. It will be nice to not think about it except once a year. Because of my Tuberous Sclerosis diagnosis (it rhymes!), I will also have yearly MRIs of my kidneys to monitor the lesions I have growing there. I also need yearly panoramic scans of my upper and lower mandibles (stemming from a tumor I had removed years ago that my doctors now suspect is related to TSC). I am by no means free of this medical circus, but at least the frequency will be less.

My hope in writing this blog was to provide my experience to someone who may be looking for answers. As I said before, prior to my brain surgery, I scoured the internet looking for personal experiences and was thankful for any information I could find that would help me prepare. So with that, I bid adieu.