Sunday, March 6, 2011

Four Months and Counting

Four months and four days ago I had my brain tumor surgery. It seems like a lifetime ago, and yet in the grand scheme of things, four months is not a long time. Doctors say it can take up to a year for a person to fully recover from brain surgery. The only residual effects I have now is an itchy scalp where the scar is. The dry, cold weather of New England doesn't help much.

I was so sick of my hair, trying to cover up the shorter strip by fixing my curls forward, that when it finally grew in enough, I had my hairdresser cut it all off. Very happy!

For anyone facing brain surgery where the incision will be from ear to ear, I highly recommend just shaving all your hair off (or at least cut it very short). I would have avoided so many grimaces to my reflection in mirror had I just gone for it. I may keep it short from now on.

With the major finding of my SEGA tumor along with a number of other diagnostic characteristics, I have been officially diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis. For more information about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, follow this link: